Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Borough Training Center Head Coach


Beat the Streets is searching for passionate coaches looking to coach and live in New York City. Training Center head coaches will run one training center in a designated borough. Coaches will take full ownership of their respective borough practices, in the hopes they use creativity and passion in providing a safe, structured environment for NYC wrestlers. Coaches will have Beat the Streets resources to help them grow and develop their borough. These include, but are not limited to: funding for competition and travel, practice facility and equipment, marketing material, and coach education opportunities. To apply, find more information here.

Youth Program Coaches

Beat the Streets is always looking for part-time and volunteer coaches for our youth program. Teams are located throughout the city and opportunities vary in season and scope.

If you have a wrestling background and are available to help during after-school and/or evening hours, please let us know when and where you are available and send a resume to:

All coaches will be required to pass a background check as part of the USA Wrestling Membership Coaches Card screening process.