Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Friends of wrestling came together Wednesday for an evening of networking and conversation with Mike Novogratz, Beat the Streets Board Chairman and Principal and Director at Fortress Investment Group.

The night sold out with over 70 guests, each with a background in wrestling and interest in the sport.

Although wrestling was the central theme of the event, Novogratz imparted knowledge and wisdom on topics ranging from career advice to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. His talk was peppered with fascinating tidbits about business and trade (such as the surprising notion that all the gold ever mined could fit inside an Olympic-size swimming pool!), and included insightful discussion on life and what it means to succeed. Asked about a time of struggle, Novogratz recounted a story that elicited a rousing chorus of laughter and approval. Feeling "sorry for [him]self" following a significant professional setback, his brother, who never wrestled himself, showed up at Mike's house, slapped him, and yelled, "What would Gable do?!" Novogratz's takeaway: always keep life, and its challenges, in perspective.

Beat the Streets looks forward to hosting more of these events in the near future, in which wrestlers and friends can come together to meet others who share a passion for the sport.

Pictures below.