Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

altOn October 29th, hurricane Sandy hit New York City, flooding streets, knocking down trees, filling tunnels with water, and cutting power in and around the city.  Coastal areas of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island were hit particularly hard and many New Yorkers lost their homes.  The aftermath has seen many people band together to help provide for the others who lost everything in the storm. 

On Saturday November 10th, Coach Andrew Nagel led a group of Beacon wrestlers to help with the recovery effort.  Seven wrestlers traveled to Sunny Side Park in Brooklyn, where they helped to move thousands of clothing items from the operations base to areas affected by Sandy.  They also spent several hours in a kitchen preparing hot and cold food for New Yorkers who lost power and are unable to cook during this time. The team really enjoyed giving their time to aid recovery efforts, and the wrestlers have talked about doing another day of service in the weeks to come.  BTS would like to recognize the following wrestlers for their service:

  • Sean Miller (captain)
  • Malik Saric (captain)
  • Luke Condzal
  • Alex Appelbaum
  • Matthew Linton 
  • Abdul Muqeet
  • Robert Sobelsohn

We encourage anyone who is able to follow the lead set by the Beacon team and help your fellow New Yorkers recover from this terrible storm.

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