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Beat the Streets wrestlers make themselves known all over the world. This past summer, Antonio Brito (Senior, Metro Campus) brought New York City’s reputation for tenacious competition to the Dominican Republic as he spent a week training with the country’s best and refining his skills.

The choice of the D.R. was obvious enough - Brito’s father was from the island, and he also wrestled when he was younger. He took Brito to his club and the Olympic Training Center there. Brito’s father was curious to see how he would compare to the cadet and junior world team members of the Republic, so he arranged for his son to stay and work with the local wrestlers for a week.

Brito found the language barrier difficult, but fortunately he found a way to make his semi-fluent Spanish work: “You don’t need to speak to wrestle,” he joked.

In total, the cost to spend the week wrestling in the Dominican Republic was relatively low - lower than a camp in the United States, Brito says. Wrestling the competitors and the coaches was a great way to learn some technique in this fantastic new setting. “Traveling is always fun!” Brito said. He found overseas wrestlers to have different techniques and approaches than Americans, so it was an excellent opportunity to learn how to compete with different styles. 

“If you have the chance to go, I would honestly tell you to take the chance now,” Brito advises his fellow wrestlers. “When you’re a senior and your high school career is almost to an end, you’ll start to feel proud of yourself, whether successful or not.”

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