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The Beat the Streets team is welcoming Jeff Marsh as Chapter Relations Coordinator. Marsh is set to provide consultation and outreach to BTS chapters and affiliates on management, governance, and organizational structure. His duties will include traveling to and communicating with the various BTS chapters across the country, serving as a liaison with the National Board to better develop collaboration and growth of the programs.


Marsh, who hails from Dexter, Michigan, just outside Ann Arbor, began wrestling at four years old. He found that the best mentors in his life used wrestling as a tool to teach him direction and goals, and, as he says, “it is only right to pass those lessons on.” He attended the University of Michigan where he had a strong career as a 4-year UM Varsity Letterman’s Club and NCAA Qualifier.

As a coach at the Edge School of Wrestling in Hoboken, Marsh finds teaching others to be a valuable opportunity to continue his own learning. He prefers systematic teaching, noting that the fundamentals learned on your first day of wrestling must build to relate to things you learn many years down the road. 

"I am excited to be a resource for all Beat the Streets cities and to provide insight," said Marsh. He brings a thorough understanding of the business of wrestling and extensive experience in the public and private sides of the sport. "It is my aim to find resources in order to change lives."

"The majority of programs in our sport are publicly funded: Junior League, High School, BTS, Collegiate, and, to a degree, the international level. Understanding the business of wrestling, the economics and drivers behind it, can help us find more sustainability in our model."

 Beat the Streets chapters across the country are eager to have Marsh on board.

"Our national Beat the Streets wrestling movement will be greatly enhanced with the addition of Jeffrey Marsh as the National Chapter Relations Coordinator," said Yero Washington, Executive Director of Beat the Streets LA. "He is motivated, passionate and truly believes in our collective mission to help youth Beat the Streets through our sports-based youth development programs."

“This is an exciting time for everyone associated with Beat the Streets now that we have hired a terrific person in Jeff Marsh to serve as our Chapter Coordinator," said Brendan Buckley, Executive Director of Beat the Streets NY. "Jeff has been a dynamic coach with great experience at the youth, high school, and college level.  He will do a great job in his role whose sole mission will be to strengthen the Beat The Streets name and assist every site across the US.”

Marsh cites Mark Churella, his mentor in college, who once said "Wrestling is a microcosm of life."

"Through wrestling, we can provide access to small and large moments that shape young lives," Marsh said. "Wrestling is nothing more than a tool to teach focus, discipline, and safety. A tool to elevate confidence and grow athletically. A tool to shape futures while building families and friendships. A tool to grant access to opportunities for growth and open new doors. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to pass on these lessons that were passed on to me."

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