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Beat the Streets is excited to announce our three upcoming Middle School To High School Festivals.

These festivals offer a perfect opportunity for middle school wrestlers and their families to meet NYC high school wrestling coaches and learn about the high school application process.

This also serves as a great chance to learn about BTS opportunities and get in a workout with a PSAL High School team!

BTS Director of Programming and PSAL Wrestling Commissioner Ken Bigley says he's excited for Middle School wrestlers and families to meet H.S. Coaches and learn more about the application process. "Talking with PSAL coaches, one of their biggest frustrations is the lack of wrestling experience of incoming freshman,” Bigley said. “Often the kids that join PSAL wrestling teams are first year wrestlers, and as a city we've really struggled with wrestling matriculation. Often the case is not that 8th graders don't want to wrestle in High School, but they are not aware that not every H.S. in the city has a wrestling team. They'll show up as freshman only to learn that they are attending a H.S. without wrestling. We are hopeful that through these festivals families will get the info they need to help ensure that if their child wants to wrestle in High School they will apply accordingly.”

BTS Executive Director Brendan Buckley said he was happy to be offering the program and connect young wrestlers with potential coaches. Buckley said that these festivals “are the perfect opportunity to communicate the path to our middle school wrestlers so they can continue participating in the sport that they love at the high school level.”

The first festival will be held on Tuesday, October 18 at W.C. Bryant High School in Queens at 5:30 PM (check-in at 5:00 PM).

The second will be Tuesday, October 25 at A.P. Randolph Campus High School in Harlem at 5:30 PM (check-in at 5:00 PM).

The final festival will be held on Wednesday, November 9 at a location to be announced in Brooklyn starting at 6:30 PM (check-in at 6:00 PM).

You can register to attend these festivals at

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