Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Wednesday, October 12, Beat the Streets held a seminar for NYC coaches at the Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn. Topics covered included how to create a winning culture, fundraising, dealing with challenges in an urban setting, mental training, creating an annual training program and using social media to promote one’s program. There were 65 coaches in attendance, dedicating their day off to furthering their learning for the ultimate benefit of NYC kids.

Brendan Buckley, Executive Director of BTS, set the agenda for the day and was pleased with the results. “This was a terrific opportunity for me to spend a day with our coaches,” Buckley said. “Getting to know one another and talking about strategies as to how we can become more successful made for an outstanding day at Poly Prep.”

Speakers included Ned Campbell and John McGarry. Campbell, the head coach of the Madison High School’s Golden Knights, spoke about social media and how to use new technologies to best coordinate teams. McGarry, head coach for Eagle Academy, talked about fundraising, a topic that many of the coaches described as informative and necessary.

Coach Adam Albert found all of the presenters worthwhile. “The presenters were excellent...the fundraiser was something new for me, so I’m looking to build off of that and put that into place at my high school.” Albert also praised the social media session because it allows coaches to get information to their kids all at once and know who’s seen the message. It’s a good way to share inspiring messages with the teams, too.

The keynote speaker was Ernie Monaco, Founder and CEO of Edge Wrestling, a full-time private wrestling club. “You have to realize that what we’re doing is of tremendous value,” Monaco said to the room of coaches. “A lot of times you may ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this? I don’t need this headache…’ One thing we all have in common is that we all realize this is something of value. Too many times it goes unrecognized.”

After lunch, Monaco also led a wrestling practice and clinic. Steven Perez, head coach of the Grand Street Campus wrestling team, said the session was a great opportunity to learn how to be a better coach. “Coach Monaco was great,” said Perez. “We definitely learned a few different things that I’m going to apply at Grand Street Campus. The team is young - lot of freshman and sophomores - but it’s going to be very competitive for us.”

Gene and Jeff Zanetti of Wrestling Mindset led the mental training session. The brothers, who were All-Ivy wrestlers, have designed their program to help athletes reach their potential in sports, school, and life with their wrestling-specific training. “When we see these wrestlers not only go to college, but become better people…that’s real success,” said Gene. “We’re going to help you win on the mat, but wrestling is a metaphor for life. Confidence is confidence.”

"We had a blast talking to wrestlers and coaches this week," Jeff Zanetti said after the session. "BTS has done a phenomenal job growing the sport of wrestling and building better men and women. It is an honor to bring our mindset training and mentor program to BTSNY. Wrestling Mindset is excited to continue helping these wrestlers develop into champions on and off the mat."

BTS Director of Programming Ken Bigley worked with Buckley to discuss matriculation strategies—ways to interest kids in wrestling in middle school and ensure that they apply to high schools that would allow them to continue the sport.

The coaches left energized and equipped with more strategies to help turn NYC wrestling into a force for good in the lives of youth. We are sure that they will put what they have learned to use right away!

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