Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Tuesday, October 25, Beat the Streets held its Life Skills: Nutrition class. 27 kids made the trip to hear Oliver Lopez, a registered dietitian and BTS alumnus, speak about making healthy eating decisions. The event was held at the UPS building in Manhattan and hosted by Kevin Beinhacker, a member of the BTS Leadership Council.

Lopez explained, for instance, that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. “It will prevent cravings and overeating at night.”

He also outlined the benefits of nutrition for wrestlers. "Good nutrition can lead to reduced body fat, improved recovery, increased strength, reduced illness and injury."

Lopez said that both kids and parents were asking detailed questions about their personal food choices and asked about what they could do to eat better. "The kids really seem like they gathered a lot of information,” Lopez said. “I feel like they really did absorb it. Overall, it was a positive experience and hopefully they gathered a few little nuggets of gold in there."

The kids learned a great deal about this important topic. “I learned a lot about the different nutrients (proteins, carbs, etc) and how each one affects my body and can help me manage my weight better,” said Guillermo Arango, a Junior at Gaynor Campus and one of the student-athletes in attendance. Other students were taking pictures of the PowerPoints with healthy meal suggestions, showing that they were engaged and interested.

This class was a part of BTS’s ongoing Life Skills series that aims to improve the lives of NYC youth. In order for our Student-Athletes to earn a scholarship to summer camp or Junior Nationals in Fargo, they will have to attend at least five of the Life Skills Workshops we offer throughout the school year and complete five hours of BTS Volunteer Service.

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