Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Saturday, November 12, 30 girls and over 110 boys gathered at Truman High School for the Junior League City Championships. Top middle school wrestlers competed for the title of best in the city at this electrifying event.

The top girls teams by final point totals were Inwood Academy, WAX (M.S. 51), and Rocco Lorries (I.S. 72). The top boys teams were MSF Lions, EliteWA, and the Harlem Jets. 

 At 77 lbs, Julio Montero (M.S. 129) and Devone Bogie (Eagle Academy) had what might have been the most exciting match of the tournament in the championship bout. Coming down to the wire, Bogie narrowly pulled out a 5-3 victory for the title.

On the girls side, Beautiful Robinson (M.S. 129) and Nathaly Pichardo (Inwood Academy) battled it out in the championship match at 105 lbs. It was a hard fought victory for Pichardo, who took the title with a 5-2 victory.

BTS Coach Penn Gottfried says the Robinson-Pichardo match exemplifies the competitive spirit of the day. “Our wrestlers were getting themselves in the right positions that they had learned in practice and were competing well,” Gottfried said.

Head girls coach Jacque Davis said it was a night and day change from when she arrived four years ago, and senses nothing but improvement in the future.

“The kids battled hard and from the beginning of the season until now, you can tell how much that they have learned and grown,” Gottfried added. “Probably the most important thing is the excitement in the gym. The kids were yelling, the coaches were coaching and the parents were cheering. NYC wrestling, at its youngest, is on the rise. The technique is getting better, the involvement from the people to support the wrestlers is there, and the buzz about the sport is growing. I am excited for not just the next couple of years, but the next couple of months as our kids continue to grow and get”


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