Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Friday, November 11, 23 NYC kids gathered at the UPS Conference room in midtown Manhattan to learn about time management in the most recent Beat the Streets Life Skills course. The course was led by Kevin Boston-Hill, a certified trainer and speaker with over 20 years of experience in the educational field.

 Boston-Hill addressed a lot of helpful “to-dos” for managing one’s time better, but there were four that seemed especially relevant to the student-athletes:

1. Create a to-do list every morning.

2. Prioritize that list from most important to least.

3. Eliminate distractions when trying to complete something, e.g. shut off cell phones when studying, close out multiple tabs on your browser, and consolidate emails to one account.


4. We have to train our brains to study and work like we train our bodies when we practice wrestling: interval training, meaning we challenge ourselves really hard by studying for maximum 90 minutes and then we relax our brain with something easy (rest period) before repeating the process. If we challenge ourselves for 4 hours straight, we cannot expect to actually retain anything and we cannot expect to produce our best work.

“It was exciting to see a room full of our athletes who came prepared with questions about time management and how to be better at the process,” said BTS head girls coach Jacque Davis. “Our athletes were engaged, and for a good chunk of the presentation I didn’t even see their faces as they were buried in the notes they were taking.”

Ashley Gomez, a junior at Sunset Park High School, said that she’s already using the tips that Boston-Hill taught. “Any traveling I do, I make sure to bring my homework with me. It seems crazy, but it is much better than feeling anxious about not getting it done.”

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