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Jaden Olivier is a top student in the fifth grade at Excellence Boys Charter School in Brooklyn, serving as the accountant for his school and wrestling his way to good tournament results. Olivier is proof that a student-athlete can be a leader on and off the mat.

Olivier first got involved in wrestled when he was in the 4th grade, training for 5th grade in the Excellence Boys wrestling program.

“I like that wrestling requires me to be both smart and aggressive at the same time,” Olivier says.

His favorite wrestling moment thus far came during a dual meet when he was in the 4th grade at Excellence Boys. The teams were tied 3-3 and he had the last match which decisively secured a win, leading his team to victory.

Olivier makes sure to stay busy, playing football and basketball in addition to pursuing wrestling.

His hope is to become a collegiate wrestler at Harvard University and then to be signed by the WWE “to do my favorite thing besides wrestling -- entertainment.” He hopes to use his income from following this dream to help his family and people in need.

His advice to kids who have just started wrestling? “Bring all your emotions and aggressiveness to the mat, but learn to control it and you will become the best.”

Olivier is also grateful to the people who have supported his wrestling career. “I would like to give a special shoutout to my coach, my godfather Jamal, and also my beautiful and loving mother.”

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