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Simon Chee, a Beat the Streets wrestler, was recently accepted into Wesleyan University. He will continue his academic and wrestling career at the college in Middletown, CT in the fall.

Chee started wrestling in his freshman year of high school at Niskayuna High School. He was heavily influenced by his brother Kenneth, “because he said it'll help me get into better shape for football, which was the sport I first started playing at Niskayuna.” He agreed, thinking wrestling would be easy, but “I soon found out that wrestling was probably the toughest thing I'd ever endure.”

“I became committed to this sport because I enjoyed the grind and competitive atmosphere.”

Chee weighed the benefits of attending several top wrestling universities and opted for Wesleyan when their coached assured him of a starting spot on the team. Heading to Wesleyan, he decided, would allow him to get the most mat time and a superior education, too.

His goal for the rest of his high school career is to become a state champion and receive All-American honors at nationals. “In college, I'm going to try to work towards a national championship and academic All-American.” Having a shot at such lofty goals may not be possible without the help of BTS, he says.

“My favorite memory of BTS was when they paid for me and my teammates intensive wrestling camp at the Naval Academy,” Chee said, “because I learned discipline and got a lot closer with my team mates.”

For younger wrestlers interested in pursuing the sport into college, Chee offers words of encouragement.

“There isn't that significant of a gap between college wrestlers and you. The college wrestlers, no matter how superb they may seem, are still human and you can be just like that through hard work.”

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