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On Monday, January 9, 2017, Beat the Streets teamed up with The Door for Life Skills: SAT Prep. 24 BTS student-athletes were pleasantly surprised to find much more than SAT Prep awaiting them at The Door.

When the kids  arrived, they were divided into two groups-- underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) and upperclassmen (juniors and seniors). This division was made in order to better suit students based on where they should be in terms of SAT preparation.

Before SAT Prep, though, The Door gave a comprehensive facility tour, which was led by a Door graduate. Students were shown dance rooms, art studios, recording studios, the health center,  which was equipped with dentists and doctors, the legal facility, and the tutoring and counseling center.

Mariana Olalde, BTS alumna and administrative intern, described the event as “a great opportunity for the kids to find out all the available resources The Door gives them access to, educational or otherwise.“

The  students were also invited to join The Door for dinner. Jacque Davis, BTS head girls coach, laughed as she shared how she is “still hearing them talk about how good the regular and black bean burgers were.”

After dinner, the groups got down to business by going to their assigned classroom. The Door representatives worked with the groups on goal setting and prioritizing. The representatives also discussed available resources and overall action plans for signing up and taking the SAT.

During the class, the kids had an introspective post-it assignment-- they had to write down their fears about school and the SAT, the things they felt confident about, and their dreams and goals. When they were asked to put these post-its up on the board in three different sections, a general theme became clear. Several kids had similar fears regarding picking the right college or being able to afford their dream school after being accepted.

Dominique Jean of Edward R. Murrow High School said “I liked it because it showed me that many people have the same problems as me when it came to applying for college. I knew when I came here I was going to get the truth when it came to college”

Alana A'ga, a Murrow junior, said the following: “I found Monday's life skills class to be very insightful. The abundant amount of useful info the awesome folks at The Door gave when discussing the different resources and programs for the upcoming SAT took away a lot of stress. I especially enjoyed the advice given on how to prepare for college and my future life plans. At my age, it's hard juggling my wrestling and academic goals at the same time, but the speakers at The Door truly gave me comfort by debunking past fears and myths that often stops many people like myself from moving forward."

Coach Davis added, “I am very happy that, if for nothing else, the kids got to see what kind of resources are available to them. So many of them were shocked that a place like The Door even exists and a good portion of them went through the application process to become members. I find this incredibly encouraging as I want them to take advantage of all the amazing people and resources they have.”

We thank The Door for helping us provide such an impactful and rich Life Skills!


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