Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Following the 2017 New York Federation State Wrestling Tournament the PSAL state tournament student-athletes, coaches, and administrators enjoyed a post tournament BBQ meal at the Times Unions Center in Albany, NY. The meal, which was provided by Beat The Streets NYC, has become a state tournament tradition for the PSAL team following the grueling two day tournament. 

The meal provided an opportunity for the coaches to congratulate the wrestlers on their performance, say goodbye to the seniors, and implore the underclassmen to set big goals for the future, and chart an off-season course to work towards those goals.  

Beat The Street programming manager Jaime Gray who was attending the BBQ for the first time “thought it was a great opportunity for the kids to get a consistent message that they can compete with every kid in the tournament.” Gray continued, “they work just as hard if not harder than the rest of wrestlers in the state and our expectation as a city needs to be that we can win every weight at the tournament.” 

During the gathering, each of the graduating seniors are also asked speak. It’s a special moment for the seniors who take their time reflecting on their career and offering hard earned advice to the younger wrestlers in attendance. 

Eagle Academy Head Coach John McGarry, who has been in attendance at each BBQ since the tradition started in 2013 noted, “it is a great event where the coaches and athletes get to praise the successes of the event and reflect on the things needed to do to improve on this past performance. It is always great to see the kids with their honest reflection and giving of thanks to those who have helped them get to States.”

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