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On Sunday, March 5, 54 student-athletes attended Beat the Streets NY’s March installment of Life Skills. Evan Siegel was the speaker for Computer Literacy, which was held at Curtis High School in Staten Island. 

Siegel is a professor in the Computer Systems Technology department at New York City College of Technology. He has a PhD in Mathematics and has taught both computer science and mathematics for thirty years. Siegel  is a top ranked professor on "Rate My Professor" and is described as "a great professor," with a "way of teaching that is very professional... He takes his time to explain things...and [you will] not be bored in the class." 

During the Life Skills class, Siegel took the kids through some lessons on Google Docs and Excel. He taught the kids how to format their templates for things such as resumes, professional reports, banking, or class projects. Siegel also started to teach the kids how to use Excel as a tool to organize data, build graphs, and create trackable equations in the fields. 

Jacque Davis, Head Girls Coach, raved about the value these skills will have for the kids who attended. “The tools that Evan showed the class were extremely helpful in the long run. I hope that the kids understood and took advantage of all the information Siegel gave them,” said Davis. Davis even went as far as to say “I would go back in time to have someone teach me these skills for work right now!” 

Julius Whetstone, a junior from MLK, saw a lot of the long-term value that Coach Davis referred to. "The Computer Science Life Skills class was a very informative experience,” said Whetstone. “ It really taught us how to budget money. Different tools we learned through Google gave us a plethora of options to see how much money we spend, how much we earn currently, and how much we will earn in a number of years. We also learned new techniques on building a resume, which can allow colleges to have a good first impression of us as student athletes.” 

Ted Cook, Head Boys and Girls coach at Truman High School, was additionally impressed by student-athletes who traveled to Staten Island-- a long trek for quite a few student-athletes-- for this Life Skills installment. “I was glad that so many students attended the Computer Literacy Workshop,” Cook began. “To come all the way to Staten Island on a Sunday afternoon really shows their commitment to learning and Beat the Streets.” 

Thank you to Evan Siegel for teaching our kids some truly necessary life skills! 

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