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On Friday, May 5, Dr. Coyte Cooper held Life Skills: Goal-Setting for 42 BTSNY student-athletes at the UPS Center. Through his roles as an author, coach, and speaker, Dr. Cooper is "committed to helping people pursue their highest aspirations so that they can live remarkable lives." Additionally, as a former wrestler who has experienced significant success on and off the mat, Dr. Cooper was able to speak to the young wrestlers with a perspective unique from other professors or motivational speakers. 

As a former HS National Champion, 3x Cadet World Team Member, and NCAA All-American, Cooper has an acute understanding of the self-discipline and work ethic required from a wrestler. Cooper used this learned discipline to pursue the path of a college professor where he was named the EXSS Teacher of the Year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. " It was here that he established an expert line of research in the areas of branding and vision and found his passion in inspiring others in this field. 

Coach Jacque Davis, Head Girls Coach, felt that Dr. Cooper did an especially amazing job at  keeping his audience's attention. Davis observed that Cooper read his audience and saw that the student-athletes were eager to get personal advice. Instead of a strict presentation outline, Cooper opened the floor up to questions. The kids were really excited, asking meaningful questions and taking notes.  

Justin Ebron, a junior at The Eagle Academy for Young Men, gave a rave review for Dr. Cooper's class. Ebron described Dr. Cooper as a "fantastic" attention-grabbing speaker. "I took away the fact that too many people live their lives without finding their purpose," said Ebron 

Ebron enjoyed the talk so much that he began reading Dr. Cooper's book Make Your Mark, which Ebron describes as a "guideline to how people can use their gifts to better not just themselves, but the world." Between the class and the what he's read so far, Ebron feels like the book is "opening [his] mind" as well as "helping [him] grow as a person." 

As Coach Davis concluded,  the youth wrestlers "left feeling more confident in not only goal setting, but goal accomplishing." Thank you for the talk on goal-setting, Dr. Coyte Cooper!

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