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Beat the Streets is now accepting Junior League team applications for the 2017-2018 academic year. BTS will be sponsoring two Junior League seasons this coming year—the fall season will run from October 2nd to December 17th and the spring season will run from January 8th to March 31st.  

BTS encourages any school, group, or individual to apply for a BTS Junior League Team.  Application are considered and approved on a rolling basis, and though there is no hard application deadline, the fall season requires that an organization already have applied and submitted 12 signed waivers by September 25th.  Spring season applicants are encouraged to apply no later than November 1st. Please note that an application will not be approved until BTS has received a minimum of 12 student-athlete parent waivers.  

Ken Bigley, PSAL Wrestling Commissioner and BTS Programming Consultant, summarized the benefits of Junior League wrestling as follows: "Not only is wrestling a lot of fun and a great workout for youth, but our Wrestler's Mark Award Program aims to emphasize the positive personal, character, and life skill attributes that wrestling helps young people develop." Wrestler's Mark celebrates student-athletes adopting and incorporating these traits in their life off-the-mat. 

According to Bigley, the BTS Junior League is unique for not requiring the applicant organization to be a school—other organizations, such as community recreation centers or churches, are also encouraged to apply for a team. "If you have kids that are interested in wrestling we have the resources to help you offer them the opportunity," says Bigley. Additionally, this opportunity can be provided free of charge to middle school students. 

In order to apply, an individual/organization must complete the application, submit a minimum of 12 completed  participant parent waivers to (The English waiver can be downloaded here and a Spanish language waiver can be downloaded here), and guarantee practice space for the team for a minimum of two days per week for 1.5 hours per dayThe current structure and coach requirements can be found here  

Priority approvals will be given to organizations that have funding to help supplement the coach stipend, submit more than twenty completed participant parent waivers, and will welcome youth from outside the organization to participate. Coaches that have been active participants in BTS Coaches Development programming and who have a record of success in participation numbers, program quality, and matriculation of middle school students to high school wrestling teams will also have priority approval. 

For approved teams, BTS will provide a coach stipend, a wrestling mat, and officials to officiate the competitions. Additionally, student-athletes will be provided t-shirts, shorts, and wrestling shoes, as well as competition and camp opportunities. 

The application can be found here. We look forward to reviewing the applications!

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