Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Sunday, October 22, 40 BTSNY youth headed up to Danbury, Connecticut for the Danbury Open Tournament. This year, the tournament was not only a preseason opportunity to deliver strong performances and hone skills, but also an opportunity for team bonding at a family cookout.  

During the competition, there were quite a few top performers who hailed from BTSNY. Odean Gray, a senior at Grand Street, took 1st for a second year in a row, but this time he did so without getting taken down. Deshawn Herbert, a junior at South Shore High School, took 1st in a tough bracket making corrections as the tournament went on. Daniel Bogie (senior at Eagle Academy) and Michael Babbcort (junior at Wingate High School) were also champions of their respective brackets, with the latter bumping up to heavyweight. 

"The first individual tournament of the year proved to be a good one for many of our kids," said Penn Gottfried, Junior League Director. Gottfried thinks this was the perfect pre-season tournament to acquire the excitement and focus necessary for competing this season.  

Deshawn Herbert was not only pleased with his own performance, but with the performance of the BTSNY team as a whole. "We did a great job of sticking together as a team, motivating each other to do our very best, said Herbert with pride.  

After the tournament, Daniel Bogie's family invited the team to their home in Connecticut. It was Daniel's birthday and his family prepared a BBQ for the whole team. This was a really fun and great opportunity for the team to bond in a social setting, outside of the usual competition environmentBeat the Streets would like to extend a big thank you to the Bogie family for inviting the team over and serving up some amazing jerk chicken! 

We look forward to seeing how the wrestlers perform when the season starts—if this competition was any indication, we expect big things. 


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