Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Sunday, October 29, five BTSNY girls travelled to Greensboro, North Carolina to compete in Super 32. This was the first year that Super 32, a traditionally male-only event, invited girls to compete. Though the competition included elite caliber athletes, two of the BTSNY athletes walked away with 2nd place medals and one of them walked away with 5th place. 

Hailey Cancelleri (Curtis High School, 12th grade) took 2nd place, Nia Crosdale (Truman High School, 12th grade) took 2nd place, and Chloe Cabrera (Truman High School, 10th grade) took 5th place.  Jacque Davis, Girls Development Director, was grateful to the Super 32 organizers for this opportunity, which she described as "a huge step forward." She believes Super 32 provided a space for strong, powerful and hardworking females to compete. 

Coach Ted Cook, Head Coach of Truman High School, joined Coach Jacque on this trip. Since they both missed traditional Halloween parties, they decided to bring the party to Super 32. Both dressed up in Gorilla costumes for the whole warm-up. This was really fun for the BTSNY girls and coaches—not so much for the other teams.   

Cancelleri believes this was one of the best trips she's ever been on due to forming even stronger bonds with her teammates and being able to wrestle in the first Super 32 girls division. Her strategy for the weekend was to focus on having fun and not get trapped in her own head. She believes this strategy helped her make the final rounds. "Although I got injured and didn't walk out of the room with the belt I wanted, I walked out with my head held high-- my sisters and I are eager to come back stronger next year with belts in hand,said Cancelleri.  

While the coaches and athletes didn't meet the expectations they set for themselves, they did feel this was a great way to jump back into competition. Everyone came back with stronger drive for upcoming tournaments, as well as a list of notes to work on. "I am extremely excited to get back to work," said Davis. 

Crosdale felt this weekend was a great learning opportunity. "In order to grow as a wrestler, you need to be able to constantly find your mistakes and correct them while also remembering what you've learned in order to become a better wrestler," said Crosdale. She realized that everything a wrestler learns is for greater long-term growth, rather than short-term gains. 

"I'm growing, whether it's taking a win or a loss," said Ashley Gomez, a senior at Sunset Park. For Gomez, she realized that focusing on the clock led to her losses. "[Super 32] made me learn to be more hands on, not watch the clock, and be a better listener by listening to coaches in my corner."  

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