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Over the past month, some of the most competitive BTSNY senior wrestlers made weekend visits to wrestling colleges. Among the wrestlers were Nighyar "Nya" Calliste (a senior at Edward R. Murrow), Nia Crosdale (senior at Truman High School), and Hailey Cancelleri (senior at Curtis High School). 

Calliste visited Ferrum College in Ferrum, Virginia from Friday, October 27 to Sunday, October 29. With the guidance of Coach Jacque Davis, Girls Development Director, Calliste decided Ferrum was the right place to visit. This was Calliste's first time visiting Virginia, let alone Ferrum. 

During the visit, Autumn, one the members on women's wrestling team, gave Calliste a tour of the Ferrum campus.  Calliste got to see the various building on campus and received tips on where the best study spots were. She also got to see where the criminal justice building was—this was especially important since Calliste is interested in criminal justice as a major. Calliste also got to learn a few techniques and drills in the wrestling roomShe got to practice with Autumn, the team's 123 pounder. This experience allowed her to meet current team members and observe how they work together. "I learned how close the girls were—they really seem like a family and I admire that a lot in a team."  

During her visit, Calliste was hosted by Brenda and Vicky, two other Ferrum team members. 

Despite previously wanting to attend John Jay, Calliste's visit made her feel like Ferrum would be a good fit for her future goals, on and off the mat. "Ferrum opened my eyes to so many different opportunities and how much help can be offered to you in academics and in life," said Calliste. 

 She believes Ferrum will help her get into the criminal justice field and allow her to pursue an English major "My wrestling goal is to try my hardest to get to the Olympic trials or the Olympics itself," added Calliste.  

Hailey Cancelleri and Nia Crosdale recently visited McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. Both enjoyed their visit immenselylearning about areas of study, campus life, and the wrestling team.  

Last year, Crosdale had a conversation with Sam SchmitzMckendree Head Women's Wrestling Coach, where he recommended that she visit the school. When Crosdale heard Cancelleri was going to visit, she thought it was a good opportunity to check out McKendree. 

During the visit, Crosdale and Cancelleri had a packed itineraryThey got to see two hockey games and a football game, go on a campus tour, and have various conversations with students, faculty, an admissions counselor, and the school president. "I learned a lot about the way a class works and the goal of the school as a whole," said Crosdale. Both girls were also shown favorite food spots around town. Cancelleri was actually extremely impressed and raved about the food scene. "Typical wrestler," she joked. 

Cancelleri thought the campus, as well as the weight and wrestling rooms, were all beautiful. "It’s slower than New York but in a good way," said Cancelleri. She was also introduced to a new major during her visit: biopsychology.  "I never heard of it, but it interested me a ton," said Cancelleri.   

Cancelleri thought everyone she met was extremely friendly and welcoming. "Often times the girls forgot I wasn’t a college student, which was great because they treated me as if I was one of them," said Cancelleri. Both girls got to meet college students from different programs, as well as from the men's wrestling team.  They also got to watch the lady bearcats get an early morning lift in.  

During their stay, Cancelleri and Crosdale stayed with Destane Garrick and Shannon Henry, both of whom are BTS alums, at their apartments Cancelleri was happy to get to know a whole other side of the team.  "That really made me feel more at home," said Cancelleri.  

"Before I wanted to go to McKendree only because of the wrestling team and my major-- now I see the kind of energy the school, students and faculty have and I want to go even more," said Crosdale. 

Crosdale now feels more certain that shwants to attend McKendree to wrestle and study business administrationShe feels McKendree will also help her become the best wrestler shcan and possibly find a place on the world stage. Outside of her wrestling goals, she also wants to eventually get an MBA or a Doctorate degree. 

We look forward to updating everyone where these three student-athletes end up next fall! 


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