Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Sunday, December 17, Team BTSNY won the Troy Wrestling Club Holiday Duals at Parsippany PAL! Penn Gottfried, Junior League Director, described the win as "a group effort from top to bottom, each athlete contributed to the win." This team was made up of 28 champions from last week's Junior League City Championships.

The first dual was against the PTWC, the home team. Though there was a point where BTSNY was down by 30, the team rallied and ended up winning by 20 points. During the Championship match, it came down to the last 2 matches. "Our whole team cheering, we gutted it out and came up with the win," said Gottfried.

Gottfried was generally amazed to see the Team BTSNY come together so perfectly for this tournament. It is relatively rare to have Junior League wrestlers from Staten Island, South Bronx, and South Brooklyn working together as teammates, instead of against each other as opponents. This was not only special for competition purposes, "but in warming up, cheering each other on and just hanging out," said Gottfried. He concluded with this: "Tournaments like these really build the culture of NYC; these kids are the future, and that future is bright!"

Several parents and coaches attended to support their kids and team BTSNY. David Roman, coach from Myra S. Barnes, was impressed by the intensity of the matches. "For a minute, I thought I was in a High School tournament," said Roman.

Outside of noticing ways his technique could improve, Mitchell Barcus (8th grader at Eagle Academy), was really encouraged by this team win. "As a team, we can accomplish big things like winning a tournament and being a part of a family that grows in time," said Barcus.

We are extremely proud of Junior League wrestlers—not only for this win, but for giving such a great display of teamwork! We look forward to further helping Junior League wrestlers, like Mitchell, improve their technique over Winter Break Training Camp (December 27-30 at Bayard Rustin Education Complex). We will otherwise resume with 20 teams in the winter season following the holidays.

The following lists everyone on this awesome dual meet team:


60- Vincent Renna

65- Tristan Levin


75- Elijah Ross

80- Jacob Levin, Cameron Mayfield

85- Mikey Adams

90- Devone Bogie

95- Vak Dosso, Dakwon Grant

100- Sulayman Bah, Ryan Riddick

106- Ayinde Hooks, Askar Imanbekov, Hannah Baker

112- Isaias Torres

118- Artem Namakonvov, Dean Delaney

124- Jason Dubrasky, Carlos Bermudez

130- Mitchell Barcus, Jeremiah Jackson, Shaydon Bernardskiy

140- Carlos Guzman, Shane Phillips

150- Marvellous Johnson

HWT- Adner Ramirez, Mark Napoletano

SHWT- David Corson

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