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Ashley Gomez, a senior at Sunset Park High School, was recently accepted to King University in Bristol, Tennessee.  Prior to her acceptance, Gomez had visited King from November 9-12, a visit she decided to make after speaking to Coach Julia Salata.   

During her weekend at King, Gomez learned about "the Tornado lifestyle." Gomez went on three campus tours during her weekend, ensuring she knew all there was to know about King. "I actually went to an 8 am class which was pretty awesome," recounted Gomez. Gomez liked seeing students taking notes by hand instead of by computer. She attended this class with Marina and Regina Doi, twins and members of the King women's wrestling teamMarina Doi then took Gomez to a laboratory where she observed Doi identify the types of bacteria contained in blood and urine samples 

Gomez attended two practices with "the Tornado family." Gomez was astonished and impressed-- "the way they practice really shows why they are ranked number one." Gomez noticed that everyone on the team worked nonstop and pushed their limits. The team also knew how to have fun, though. Gomez had a chance to see the Tornado team in action in dual meets against Ferrum and Lindenwood. Gomez liked seeing how supportive the girls were of each other. "They make sure everyone has the opportunity to wrestle-- they look out for everyone," said Gomez. 

During her stay, Gomez was hosted by King wrestlers. While she stayed in a dorm room with Nazareth Saavedra, the Doi twins also showed Gomez the suite dorms, which are earned by achieving certain GPAs. Cassidy Ferrell invited Gomez along for a meal at Applebee's with her family.  Gomez also joined Jordan Daniels and Clarc Walker to work tables during the men's tournament. The Tornado wrestlers truly made a team effort to include Gomez and show her what the Tornado family is about. 

"Visiting King definitely impacted my decision," said Gomez. Despite wrestling having helped her grow as a person and an athlete, she wasn't sure if it that was enough reason to leave New York and her family behind. After the visit, however, Gomez clearly saw that she wanted the opportunity to work hard in the wrestling room and earn titles. She knew she wanted to go to King 

Gomez's wrestling goals include wanting to win as many college matches as possible and to contribute to her team score during dual meets. Other wrestling goals include returning to her high school to further develop her team—a team that was at risk of being cancelledand the sport.  Gomez hopes to one day return to New York as a nurse.  

Generally, Gomez would like to maintain a high college GPA and achieve mastery when it comes to time management. She would like to take advantage of the opportunities at King to find herself and her full potential.  

We wish Ashley Gomez the best as she continues her journey as a student-athlete at King. We also look forward to seeing her return to New York City and help grow women's wrestling. 


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