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On Sunday January 14, 20 BTS girls traveled to Newburgh, NY to compete in the 2018 Shogun Championships. The team of girls, representing four middle schools and six high schools, participated in three different divisions of the tournament: middle school, high school, and the college open. At the end of the day, Team BTS brought home four Championship Samurai Swords, four runners up, and two third placers.

The BTS girls were faced with challenging brackets and very experienced opponents; some of the BTS girls were even double bracketed in the college division to gain extra experience. Coach Walter Peppelman thinks back on the day with pride in how gritty the girl’s performance actually was. “After suffering disappointing losses in early rounds, many rebounded to string together two, three or even four wins in order to earn a medal against tough competition.” Coach Peppelman took a keen eye to what the girls were doing between matches and believes that “a significant part of our girl’s success can be attributed to their collective desire to learn. After every single match, win or lose, the girls came back to their coaches asking for feedback which they would write down in their phone and then apply to subsequent matches.”

Chloe Cabrera (10th grade, Truman High School) who received 1st and Natalie Dunn (10th grade, CSI High School) who received 3rd place in the tournament, both felt that their mindset was a defining factor in their performance.

“At first I wasn’t in the right mindset and didn’t think I was going to go far in the tournament” said Chloe, “but as the day went on, I started to listen to my coaches, reassure myself, and ultimately gain enough confidence to beat a 2017 Fargo All-American in the finals.”

Natalie Dunn believes that what she learned most from the tournament is “that your mindset truly affects the way you wrestle,” she attributes the success she saw in her matches to the determination she had to not give up on her goal of making the podium, “which thanks to my mindset, I did,” she concluded. 

“I left the event overwhelmingly impressed,” said Head Coach, Jacque Davis. “There was a lot of unpredictability throughout the day; a very late start, an unclear idea of which mats they were going to be assigned to, etc.” said Davis, “This kind of unpredictability is very uncomfortable for even the most experienced wrestler to have to work through, so I was incredibly impressed when the girls remained positive, competitive, and driven regardless of the situation. What I witnessed was a true and rare kind of mental resilience.”

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