Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Sunday, January 14th Beat The Streets brought a squad of 40 wrestlers to the Matthew P. Sapolin Memorial Islip Tournament.  These wrestlers, in grades 1st through 8th hailing from six different schools representing all five boroughs, battled it out in Long Island against some tough competition. 

For some of these wrestlers, it was their first competition out of NYC.  As coach Penn Gottfried explained, “It can be a shock for some of our youth wrestlers when they have their first tournament outside of NYC, however this contingent really stepped up to the challenge.  I’m especially proud of the wrestlers from Leonardo DaVinci, East Harlem and PS 189 who took their first tournament head on and wrestled their hearts out every match.”  This experience will definitely prove to be valuable as these wrestlers continue their season.

Probably the most exciting match of the day was between two Beat The Streets wrestlers.  City Champions Sulayman Bah from M.S. 129 and Devone Bogie from Eagle Academy grappled in their final match of the day.  Bah ended up coming away with the victory after getting the match winning takedown in overtime.  Bah commented on the day, “I went into this tournament with a mindset of winning and I left with a mindset of getting better, with a mindset of wrestling my match.  My finals match against Bogie was my best so far.  I’ve never been so exhausted, but never felt so excited in a wrestling match like that.  And that is what wrestling is about….wrestling great opponents and getting better.”  Bah also went on to say that he would like to thank his wrestling Coach Mr. Webb, Coach Gottfried and Beat The Streets for pushing him to do his best and giving him the opportunity to wrestle at tournaments like this.

In an effort to grow youth wrestling in NYC, Beat The Streets is sponsoring 20 teams to attend three tournaments outside of NYC as part of the Winter Junior League Season.  This tournament was the second out of those three.  The next one will take place on February 3rd in West Orange, New Jersey.  The rest of the nation better watch out because New York City youth wrestling is on the rise!

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