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On Saturday, February 17, the PSAL Girls State Championships will be held at Harry S. Truman High School. This championship will be for all girls from 9th-12th grades who are weight certified and wrestled during the winter on a boys team. Although this is not a state sanctioned event through New York Public High School Athletic Association (NYPHSAA), this is the first Girl's State Tournament to be sponsored by a governing body of New York Athletics (PSAL).

This championship was created in response to New York State never having had a sanctioned girls state tournament or championship. There are currently three divisions for boys at the state level and none for girls, so it was about time for more equity in terms of girls opportunities at the state level. This is indeed a much needed and wanted opportunity for high school girls across the state. Last year, the Girls Folkstyle State Championships and Mohawk Valley tournaments acted as an interim solution for evaluating high school and middle school girls at the state level, but something more was needed—and this is the beginning of the solution.

Ken Bigley, PSAL Wrestling Commisioner and BTS Programming Consultant, has been a longtime advocate for girls wrestling. Bigley created the PSAL girls season for NYC girls and pushed for this groundbreaking tournament. Bigley said the following: "Every year, we have more and more girls competing during the winter wrestling season. Every wrestler has the goal of being a State Champion, but, unfortunately, there is no New York State Wrestling Championship for the girls as there is for the boys, and right now, there is not a lot of support for a Girls State Championships outside of NYC. There is a Sanction Girls Wrestling task force working hard to get Girls Wrestling sanctioned as a championships sport at the state level so hopefully in the near future that will happen, but rather than wait for that day, the PSAL decided to host a state tournament and invite girls who are on their school's team to travel to NYC for the opportunity to become a state champion."

Jacque Davis, BTSNY Girls Development Director, is also pleased by this development: "I am so grateful to the NYC PSAL for creating a championship event for the 486 girls who have been training all winter across the state. The hard work that these girls put in throughout the entire season deserves nothing less than this culminating event. While I am ecstatic that this opportunity exists, I am hopeful that this will only be a stepping stone toward a NYPHSAA State Sanctioned event."

Girls across NYC and the state have already begun registering. If you want to register, you can do so here.

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