Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Saturday, February 3, 56 BTSNY Junior League Wrestlers headed to West Orange High School in West Orange, NJ for the King and Queen of the Mountaineer Tournament. Several Junior League wrestlers medalled, with at least four gold and two silver medalists.   

BTSNY kids gave strong performances throughout the tournament, but of special note was the final match at 100 lbs. between two BTSNY kidsSulayman Bah from MS 129 (Bronx) and Vakromogo Dosso from Eagle (Bronx) went head-to-head, with Bah ultimately winning the bracket. Harlem Jets and Excellence Charter, the latter of which had over 15 kids competing, independently brought their kids to the tournament to compete with the BTSNY teamAs Penn Gottfried, Junior League Director, said: "This is a testament to the hard work of the coaches to get their kids to these tournaments--NYC wrestling is on the rise! 

Between the quality of the matches and the sheer number of BTS wrestlers, this tournament was a great experience for the Junior League participants. "With over 55 kids in the tournament, you can really tell that NYC youth are committed to getting better and are loving the sport," concluded Gottfried. 

Jocelyn Ramsook, a Junior League wrestler from Robert Van Wyck, is one of those youth who are loving the sport.  "[The tournament] gave me confidence to do better because the girl I competed against had experience and it made me work harder--it was fun,said Ramsook.  
Keyanie Riddick, an 8th grader from Excellence Charter, is another Junior League wrestler who is committed to getting better. "The competition was a great learning experience because we learned to feed off of our teammates' energy and confidence," said Riddick. "I learned that a humble loss leads to a greater win in the future," Riddick wisely added. 

Ramsook and Riddick are hardly the only Junior League wrestlers learning important lessons with every tournament they go to. Keep up with the Junior League in the coming weeks to see what else they're learning this season. 

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