Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Brooklyn served as the epicenter of girls wrestling last weekend (April 21-22) as Beat The Streets hosted the Fifth Annual Gotham City Girls Open at the Pratt Institute Activities Resource Center.

The two-day event, sponsored by Cliff Keen Athletic and the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL), showcased over 500 of the best young female wrestlers in the state, country (teams from over a dozen different states) and world (squads from Canada, Mexico and France). Combined with coaches, fans and other supporters, more than 1,000 people passed through Pratt to witness the next generation of girls wrestling. 


Here are the individual champions from each day of competition, along with the team champions from Sunday's Juniors action:  

100: Jessica Corredor – Florida Jets 
106: Joanne Ortiz – Apex (Conn.) 
112: Paola Castillo – Team Jalisco (Mexico) 
117: Vayle-Rae Baker – Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 
122: Amanda Walker – Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 
127: Zoe Buteau – Trappers WC (Maine) 
132: Julia Vidalion – Virginia Women's National Team 
138: Marlee Smith – Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 
144: Hannah Ramos - WI: Kenosha Wresting Academy (Wis.) 
152: Ashlynn Ortega – Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 
164: Hailey Cancelleri - Curtis (NY) 
180: Gabrielle Hamilton – McKendree Bearcat WC (Ill.) 
200: Jasmine Tessier - Team Ontario (Canada) 
255: Taja Showers - Virginia Women's National Team 

55 (Kids 1): Gabrielle Conte - Team N.J. 
60 (Kids 2): Kayla Batres – Southside Wrestling (Conn.) 
77 (Kids 2): Rhayna Simpson – Venom Girls WC (Pa.) 
92 (Kids 2): Charlotte Biclot – Team France 
94 (Cadet): Ava Bayless – Team PA 
100 (Cadet): Abby Duke – Venon Girls WC (N.Y.) 
106 (Cadet): Samantha Larsen – Team N.J.  
112 (Cadet): Paola Castillo - Team Jalisco (Mexico) 
117 (Cadet): Ally Fitzgerald – Venon Girls WC (N.Y.) 
122 (Cadet): Zoe Gress – Curby 3-Style (N.Y.) 
127 (Cadet): Sophie Smith – Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 
132 (Cadet): Mia Macaluso – Venom Girls WC (N.Y.) 
138 (Cadet): Laetitia Muespach – Suisse (France) 
144 (Cadet): Nyla Burgess – Team Ontario (Canada) 
152 (Cadet): Sariah Stewart – Curby 3-Style (N.Y.) 
164 (Cadet): Vianne Rouleau – Team Alberta (Canada) 
200 (Cadet): Catherine McNulty – Trappers WC (Maine) 
255 (Cadet): Taja Showers - Virginia Women's National Team 

Full team results and brackets for Gotham City can be found here: DAY 1 | DAY 2 

Jacque Davis, Coach and BTS Girls Development Director 

Overall assessment of the tournament:  
This year's event grew significantly in numbers, quality, and talent.  The competitors included several world team members and champions from across the U.S., Canada Mexico and France. It's hard to think that only five years ago, Gotham City was held on four mats in a local high school gym with only New York competitors. The brackets were large and the finals were incredible. I was extremely excited that three of our own NYC girls made it to the Junior finals and one (Hailey Cancelleri of Curtis) came out as a champion.” 

On the meaning of Gotham City Girls:  
"This event was built around providing opportunity for our NYC girls. Gotham City provides national and international experience to girls that otherwise wouldn't get unless they made a Pan-Am or World team. These opportunities are usually difficult to achieve and expensive to payso we wanted to bring these awesome athletes to our home instead. As it has grown, it has become the premier girls freestyle tournament in the Northeast as well as one of the top events in the country.” 

Joanne Ortiz, Juniors Champion (106), Apex (Conn.) 

On coming to Gotham City Girls: 
“I like being at Gotham. It’s always a challenging tournament. I personally struggle every time I’m here. It’s a comfortable place to wrestle because I feel supported. I have my coach and coaches from other teams that I can go to if I need someone in my corner. I’ve been wrestling for three years and this is the first time I’ve won.” 

- Each finalist from all divisions received the event’s signature prize: a Cliff Keen limited edition singlet.
Paola Castillo of Team Jalisco and Taja Flowers of Virginia Women’s National Team were the only two Gotham City competitors to earn championships in both Cadet and Junior divisions. 
- Participation at Gotham City increased 40 percent – from 385 wrestlers in 2017 to 539 this year. 
- Olympic champion Helen Maroulis made an appearance on Sunday, signing autographs for fans and presenting placers awards for the Juniors.


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