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Six of Beat the Streets' elite wrestlers competed at the 2018 USA Wrestling Women's National Championships in Irving, Texas last week. The tournament, hosted at the Irving Convention Center from May 11-13, featured freestyle competition in five separate age groups: Intermediate, Novice, Schoolgirl, UWW Cadet, and UWW Junior. Representing BTSNY were the contingent of Chloe Cabrera (Sophomore, Truman HS /Cadet), Hailey Cancelleri (Senior, Curtis HS/Junior), Nia Crosdale (Senior, Truman HS/Junior), Natalie Dunn (Sophomore, CSI HS/Cadet), Alessandra Elliott (7th grader, Tottenville/Schoolgirl), and Kai Poux (Sophomore, Brooklyn Tech/Cadet).


Of BTSNY's six representatives, thee came out of three different divisions of grueling competition as newly minted All-Americans: Elliott finished eighth overall at 127 lbs; Poux claimed sixth at 69kg; and Cancelleri earned a bronze at 76kg. Cancelleri's performance qualified her for the United States National team and will serve as an alternate for the U.S.'s Pan Ams and Worlds teams. She will have an opportunity to improve her standing to true second place during a session at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado at a later date.

Collectively, all six wrestlers won at least one match in their bracket, showing that BTSNY can compete on the national stage.

Full results are available on the FloArena website

"I am so proud of our girls and how they performed at Nationals and each of them impressed me beyond belief. They attacked this event with more heart and determination than any other group, and as a result, they made it deeper into tournament than we have ever made it before. Hailey will be our first National Team member in four years and this group produced the most All-Americans in years as well. Beyond the wrestling results, I am so grateful to have such awesome group of girls. They are smart, hilarious, self-sufficient, and their energy is infectious. I am so lucky that I get to coach them.” – Jacque Davis, Coach and BTS Girls Development Director

“I was honored to be able to attend Women's Nationals as my first-ever national event. This event gave me the experience and the courage to step out of my comfort zone. Even though there were some bumps in the road while competing, I was able to persevere because I was with a great team. We looked out for each other and supported each other. This competition gave me the opportunity to compete against many talented girls from diverse backgrounds. Although I did well, the tournament exposed some things I need to work on. With more hard work and another opportunity, I feel I can come back and win this tournament." – Alessandra Elliott

From the first moment I learned I was going on this trip, I was beyond excited and grateful. Going to Texas and seeing the caliber of wrestling was a great experience. Honestly, going in I didn't expect to place but wrestling one match at a time I came out with a 6th place finish that I'm pretty proud of." – Kai Poux

"This by far has to be one of the best trips I have been on. I’m glad I got to show my progress within the last three years of competing in this tournament. I went from struggling to the opportunity to wrestle for true second and I’m pumped to have a second chance to place higher while being at my best physically. Overall, I took away so much from this trip I learned where I needed to improve, how far I’ve come and in a way found myself more as a wrestler all while being surrounded by my amazing teammates and coaches and their continuous support throughout my journey. I’m not the most confident wrestler but with them by my side i felt that i could take over the world. This was a huge come up for New York. This year was the first year we’ve basically had the tournament have a lot of New York wrestlers and gear. This has to be the first year in my 3 years being here that we had this many All-Americans. I am blessed to be surrounded by greatness and people who have the same goals as me. I’m glad to have made memories that will last a life time and this was the perfect way to end this wrestling season before i head off to college. Thank you to Jacque Davis for pushing me to the limit, seeing a spark in me and being sure that it gets ignited, and being the backbone to women’s wrestling in New York City. No one could do what you do.” – Hailey Cancelleri

- The team was able to enjoy team bonding experiences after the tournament, partaking in authentic Texas BBQ, taking a trip to a local donut shop (Hurts Donuts) and enjoying a film at a drive-in movie theater.
- Stevens Institute head wrestling coach Joseph Favia and BTSNY/Brooklyn Tech alum Katrin Pokyalukhin connected with the BTSNY group, as Favia attended Nationals to coach Pokyalukhin. Favia spoke highly of our group and the women’s wrestling culture as a whole. “This was my first tournament coaching women, and the opportunity reinforced my beliefs in women’s wrestling. The level of talent coming from the top women in the weight class was no different from their male counter parts. In addition, the amazing rapport that each of the women had with their coach, one another, and their fellow athletes was refreshing to see. Watching them travel around the venue with each other, support each other, and truly hope for the best for one another, no matter if they were opponents or teammates, was great,” Favia said.


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