Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Nearly two dozen Beat the Streets girls took part in the third annual Headlocks on the Hudson competition this weekend in Troy, New York. The New York – USA Wrestling sponsored event is one of the only tournaments BTSNY members can compete in that is hosted outdoors while also enjoying the feel and bonding aspects of a sleep-away camp.


There were several elements of Headlocks on the Hudson that made it one of the more unique trips of the year. The tournament was essentially a postseason event, with no pressure on the girls to fulfill requirements needed for Beat the Streets programming or the USMC National Championships in Fargo, N.D. Free of those responsibilities, the girls were able to simply focus on training and having fun together.

The BTSNY group traveled to Troy a day early to enjoy a guest training session and a night of camping. The two-hour on-mat session was led by USA Wrestling Manager of Greco-Roman Programs Gary Mayabb, who displayed his expert coaching skills by teaching the group a number of techniques with a wide range of difficulty in a short period of time.

The group had an amazing time during the camping trip, coming together to get out of their city-based comfort zones. From attempting to set up tents to taking part in a team BBQ to creating quirky S’mores combinations, the girls were able to relax and unwind before competing.

I always love coming to this tournament with the girls, partly because it is one of the only events that is hosted outdoors, which is so fun, and partly because of the non-wrestling things we get to do together as a group. Between clinics, barbecuing and camping, I really get to see these girls grow as individuals and as a unit. Learning how to set up tents together, start a fire in the pit, and explore making new s'mores while telling stories and playing games always makes me feel like we leave stronger than we came in.” – Jacque Davis, BTS Coach and Girls Development Director

"This weekend was a fun learning experience. We practiced with the Olympic Greco Coach, camped, wrestled outside next to the river, and had a blast. I took wins and I took losses but at the end of the day I am the real winner because I got to learn and take home a couple things I didn't know before. Becoming better every time I wrestle is the real win.” - Nathaly Pichardo, Inwood Academy 8th Grader

"This weekend was great because I ate tons of s'mores, made new friendships and had a great time. We also had a practice with the Greco Olympic Team Coach for Team USA so we got to learn from the best. My favorite part of this trip was the tournament because this tournament is the only time of the year when we get to try Greco. It is really my favorite tournament of the year." - Tays Pascual, Inwood Academy freshman

"This weekend was honestly the best weekend I've ever had. It was extremely great to interact and bond with the coaches, the Beat the Streets girls, and the upstate girls. I've formed new friendships and gotten out of my shell a whole lot more. It was great to sit around eating S'mores, joking around and not caring or feeling pressure on wrestling the following morning, and when we did wrestle, the matches were tough, exciting and fierce. We had fun and a great time with one another. I truly enjoyed spending my weekend with such great people." - Joanna Jones, Wingate High School sophomore

"This weekend will definitely be one to remember. From practicing with an Olympic coach, camping out, making S'mores, and scoring fours, every last second was worthwhile. Though wrestling out in the open by the river was quite relaxing and festive-like, the competition was one of the best I've had." - Naomi Henry, Wingate High School sophomore



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