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The 2015 BTSNY Gala was an evening to remember, bringing together Times Square throngs and over 1,000 guests including actor Mark Consuelos and Brazilian MMA fighter Renzo Gracie who mingled alongside wrestling legends such as US Olympic Gold Medalists, Jordan Burroughs and Bruce Baumgartner; Olympic Medalist Livan Lopez of Cuba; Clarissa Chun and Randi Miller, Division I NCAA champions Logan Stieber, Alex Dieringer and Division II NCAA champion, Joey Davis.

Co-chaired by Mark Consuelos, Jamie Dinan, Yoshi Nakamura and Mike Novogratz, the Gala featured an all-star match between Team USA and Cuba and raised over $1 million dollars to help sustain and advance youth wrestling programming in New York City to over 3,000 students.

The opportunity to wrestle in Times Square is special for both National Team and NYC student-athletes alike. For Beat the Streets athlete Doniyorkhon Mukhamadiev, the morning started with a school-wide announcement of his match, which attracted his classmates and teachers to Times Square. The most important spectator however was his father, who flew in from Uzbekistan to watch this once in lifetime event.

Doni sustained a minor injury and medical care was provided by Dr. Carolyn Mazur of Fusion Physical Therapy, who supported all of the students wrestling exhibition matches.

The afternoon featured student dual exhibition matches between student-athletes from BTS New York, BTS Baltimore, BTS Philadelphia and other neighboring clubs. Throughout the afternoon and evening, social media accounts were used to provide victory announcements and video clips of the matches.

“The Beat the Streets kids were aggressive, they battled hard, and did an excellent job setting the stage for the senior level matches,” remarked BTSNY Program Director and PSAL Wrestling Supervisor, Ken Bigley.

The afternoon concluded with an awards ceremony by PSAL Executive Director, Donald Douglas and 4x NCAA National Champion, Logan Stieber to Beat the Streets Student-Athletes of the Year.

BTSNY Board Chairman Mike Novogratz then took the stage to introduce a short video that was provided by Red Summit Productions and Producer Mike Krentzman’s team, who captured and highlighted various components of the Beat the Streets program. The video aired on the American Eagle screens in Times Square.

BTSNY Board Trustee Yoshi Nakamura spoke next and shared a touching tale about how wrestling helped him overcome his father’s passing in adolescence. His hard work and diligence on the mat earned him a highly coveted spot on the University of Pennsylvania’s Division I wrestling team. Nakamura concluded by introducing the BTS text-to-pledge campaign, encouraging participants to take out their phones and text BTS to 313131 to make a donation to youth wrestling programs.

Student volunteers escorted the Cuban and US national teams onto the mat before formal introductions for each competitor. “The senior matches were very entertaining - watching David Taylor’s technical fall over Azcuy, Burroughs pinning of Martinez, and watching Randi Miller and Helen Maroulis dominate their opponents, was a really great performance by the USA,” said Ken Bigley. For the local crowd, the highlight of the evening may have been when BTSNY Alumna, Rosemary Flores represented team USA.

During the 2015 Gala Celebration at the Best Buy Theatre, BTSNY Board Chairman Mike Novogratz presented the 2015 BTSNY Man of Year Award to Logan Stieber, a Lifetime Friend of Wrestling Award went to Terry Brands and BTSNY Coaches Awards to five coaches for their achievements during the year.

The evening premiered a powerful video, GRIT directed by Trent Jaklitsch, highlighting BTSNY student-athlete Brandon Nunez’ struggle to overcome pressures both on and off the mat. The crowd gave the video a standing ovation after hearing Brandon’s moving story.

Winners from the U.S. vs. Cuba All-Star matches were presented with a Johnny Marines Collection watch from The Azad Watch Collection, Azad is the official sponsor of Championship watches.

Guests were provided with thank you bags donated by ASICS.

“It is an honor that Beat the Streets can partner with USA Wrestling to bring such a high level event to Times Square and in the process raise money for New York City kids to grow and develop through the sport of wrestling. This year, the event cut across many media sources to bring the spotlight on the sport. Each year, a new group of kids in New York City see the possibility of how wrestling can change lives,” said Executive Director Jim Fallis.

If you couldn’t attend the gala, or simply want to relive this amazing night, take a look at some of the photo’s below or click here to view Stephen Alvarado's photo's from Gala night. For full coverage, please visit FloWrestling.


Listed below are the student-athletes who participated in the exhibition matches. 

60 lbs              Yasis Brooks (BTS Philadelphia) vs. Michael Adams (BTSNY)

95lbs                Yashaira Burgos (BTS Philadelphia) vs. Becky West (BTSNY)   

99 lbs               Joe Heilman vs. Brandon Nunez (BTSNY)

105lbs              Aileen Gonzalez (BTSNY) vs. Alex Samos (BTSNY)

115 lbs             Norma Ramirez (BTS Baltimore) vs. Chloe Cabrera (BTSNY)

115 lbs             Hailey Finn vs. Michaela Beck (BTSNY)

118 lbs             John Wulffen (BTS Philadelphia) vs. Doniyorkhon Mukhamadiev (BTSNY)

130 lbs             Trevor Haberli vs. William Yee (BTSNY)

140 lbs             Angel Garcia (BTS Philadelphia) vs. Brandon Bido (BTSNY)

148 lbs             Travis Stefanik vs. Lenny Merkin (BTSNY)

150 lbs.            Shawn Mosca vs. Ronaldo Rodriguez (BTSNY)

150 lbs             Alexis Blaeu vs. Vivian Vu (BTSNY)

167 lbs.            Justin Henry (BTS Baltimore) vs. Victor Sandoval (BTSNY)

170 lbs             Don Donnelly vs. Addrian Ferrarie (BTSNY)

195 lbs             Tyree Sutton vs. Nate Rose (BTSNY)

Photo's watermarked "Best the Streets," courtesy of Justin Hoch. Photo's with a silhouette watermark, courtesy of Stephen Alvarado.

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