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This past weekend, girls from New York traveled out to Springfield Technical Community College in Massachusetts for the Revolution in Springfield Tournament. This tournament had a total of 113 young women participating, with twenty-six from Beat the Streets.

New Yorkers represented some of the top performers of the weekend, with Christina Alloggio, a junior from James Madison HS, coming in first in her weight class. Victorio Alloggio, Fatoumata Dialla, Shaine Mondesir, and Elizaveta Vedernikove all placed second in their divisions. BTS also saw seven girls place third, four place fourth, and three more take the winners’ podium after that. That means the majority of BTS contenders took some sort of award home.

“The Revolution in Springfield Tournament was the first all-girls wrestling event that I have attended,” said Coach Dave Kantrowitz, Director of Athletics for the Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists. He applauded the energy and confidence of the contenders, finding their display of prowess both motivating and inspiring. “Besides the excellent competition, the great sportsmanship and support that the girls showed for one another in victory and defeat was one of the highlights of the day.” Kantrowitz also said that he’s looking forward to the start of the Public School Athletic League’s competitive season and his continued involvement in the fast-growing girls wrestling movement in NYC.

Pearl Fletcher, a junior at Truman HS, said that the most memorable part of her weekend was deciding to move out of her comfort zone and try new things. The gambit clearly paid off, as she earned third place in her division. “Although certain moves didn't work in my favor, I never gave up. I kept pushing myself because that's really the only way you'll get better. As always, I learned a lot this weekend that gives me the drive to want to better myself for future tournaments.” Fletcher also said that she was happy to see all of the new faces that came out to wrestle and work hard to get better. “That’s the only way the sport will keep growing and improving,” she said.

One of the most exciting developments of the weekend was that this was the first year that Beat the Streets placed as a team. BTS placed second behind the Maine Trappers, losing to them by only two points.

“I am really glad that I came to this tournament because the day before we left I experienced something that was very tough on my family,” said Fatoumata Diallo, a junior at Wingate HS. Like so many kids, Diallo found the mat a welcome reprieve from the challenges of daily life. The choice to wrestle was a tough one, “but it actually made me feel better and get my mind off of what was going on at home. I fought hard in all my matches and it really showed my growth because last year I placed fifth and this year I placed second.” Beat the Streets is proud to have helped give Diallo a constructive environment – we always want to provide a safe space for kids no matter what’s going on elsewhere.

The majority of the girls attending the trip were freshman and sophomores, which head girls coach Jacque Davis described as refreshing. “It makes me excited for the future of New York City wrestling,” she said. “This year's group was very green, and although sometimes it was hard to swallow a loss for both the athletes and myself, it was very exciting to see that there were so many city girls who are eager to face bigger challenges.” If these girls are taking the initiative to leave the city in order to wrestle competitors from other states around the northeast region, Davis says, then the futures of their teams are in good hands.

The list of placers follows:

1st Place

Christina Alloggio - 11th, James Madison


2nd Place

Elizaveta Vedernikove - 10th, Edward R. Murrow

Fatoumata Dialla - 11th, Wingate

Shanine Mondesir - 11th, Wingate

Victorio Alloggio - 10th, James Madison


3rd Place

Pearl Fletcher - 11th, Truman

Liz Garcia, 10th - Curtis High School

Hailey Cancelleri - 10th, Curtis High School

Chloe Cabrera - 8th, Tyronne Webbs

Kadejah Gentle - 10th, Edward R. Murrow

Willade Morette - 12th, Sunset Park

Kassandra Marcelo - 10th, Curtis


4th Place

Daisy Bravo – 10th, Wingate

Rotchell Ramos - 12th, Wingate

Nia Crosdale - 10th, Truman

Stephy Dorce - 11th, Edward R. Murrow


5th Place

Jane Zheng - 11th, Wingate


6th Place

Nighyar Calliste - 10th, Edward R. Murrow


8th Place

Michelle Isakova - 12th, Cardozo


Notable mentions:

Melanie Lalman - 10th, Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School

Jacqueline Garcia - 11th, Curtis

Jocelyn Quinoes - 11th, Curtis

Katherine Tenempaguay - 10th, Robert Wagner

Tyaun Antoine - 11th, Wingate

Diana Mella Santos - 12th, BSSWA


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