Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Starting on Saturday May 7, the Gotham City Girls Open tournament will begin at Columbia University’s Dodge Fitness Center. The tournament, which is entering its third year, is expected to be even larger than last year’s successful event.

Previously, the tournament was a small local city affair with only NYC girls. Later it grew from four to six mats and was moved to Truman High School in the Bronx.

Last year the tournament had 125 girls compete, representing eleven different states and two countries. Because things ran so smoothly last time, tournament officials are expecting between 150 and 200. Girls are expected to come from eighteen states in addition to New York, as well as Canada, Mexico, Italy, and possibly South Korea.

The Gotham City Girl’s Open has been an effective way to bring the highest-level athletes from across the country and globe to New York City. Many of the girls from NYC do not have the family or financial support necessary to travel to elite-level tournaments around the world. Instead of finding ways to finance trips to these events, Gotham City makes the international competition local.                

“By getting some of the toughest global talent to compete at Gotham City,” says Jacque Davis, head girls’ coach for Beat the Streets, “our girls get to see what women's wrestling really looks and feels like. It forces our girls to start training, thinking and competing a different way.” Girls begin to take what they learn in these competitions back to their own school wrestling rooms, thus strengthening city wrestling.

One of the most important aspects of Gotham City, Coach Davis points out, is that it helps NYC’s recognition as an epicenter for women’s wrestling. It has the only high school sanctioned girl’s freestyle season in the country and is an accordingly suitable fit to be the center of a large event. With each successful tournament, Gotham City moves closer to becoming one of the top girls’ events in the country.

The tournament will be held at Columbia University’s Dodge Fitness Center and run from Saturday, May 7th to Sunday, the 8th. There will also be an international training camp with Team Mexico happening Monday, May 2nd through Friday the 6th, at the Poly Prep Country Day School. The schedule for this event will be announced soon.

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