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Coming up on Friday, May 20, Beat the Streets will be hosting its first-ever College Combine, bringing together over a dozen schools to meet wrestlers from New York City and show these student-athletes what these colleges and universities have to offer. The event will take place at the Poly Prep Country Day School, 9216 7th Avenue, Brooklyn.

The event will be sponsored by Reebok and Paul Froio, the Vice President of Retail for the company in North America. Thanks to Froio, the event will have Reebok-branded shirts, bags, and water bottles for the attendees.

Thirteen schools are on board to participate, including Williams College, NYU, Case Western, Western New England, Trinity, Muhlenberg College, Roger Williams College, Campbellsville, Mount St. Vincent, LIU Post, UCM, Manchester University, and Rhode Island College.

Historically, combines have given colleges a chance to look at high school athletes who are interested in pursuing higher education. The BTS College Combine will be different because it will be composed mostly of city kids who may not have connected with colleges and who will now hear about opportunities for them. There will be a Q&A session where the students will have a chance to discuss their needs with representatives from the schools. Information about the colleges, their coaches and the athletic and academic records of their wrestlers will be available for the students to review.

Beat the Streets Coaches Penn Gottfried and Marc Antoni Macias both give one another credit for the idea. They said one of the goals of the day will be to show these kids that it’s still possible to have success at small schools. “You don’t necessarily have to be Division I,” said Macias, “you can be successful at any level.”

The theme of Friday’s event will be connecting city kids with colleges in big numbers. The coaches are expecting 120 students in total representing high schools from each of the five boroughs. Most of those attending will be New York BTS kids, but the invitation has been extended to Providence and Philadelphia’s programs, among others outside of the city.

Attendance will be free for NYC kids and $20 for those from out of the city.

The coaches are hoping to build off of the excitement of the Beat the Streets gala taking place the day before - Thursday, May 19 - to have the best attendance possible. With the groundwork laid for a successful Combine, they’re already planning to make next year's event even bigger. Ideally, they said, it would grow to become a two-day event taking place over the weekend, with exhibition matches in the dual format and even more colleges participating.

You can register to attend the combine here:

Student-athlete registration form

Coach registration form

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