Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

This past weekend, almost sixty Beat the Streets kids displayed their skill at the NY Freestyle and Greco State Tournament at the Hudson Valley Sports Dome in Milton, NY. This tournament, a qualifier for the National tournament in July, was also a display of dedication for the student-athletes and their coaches, many of whom made the drive of over two hours and took their weekend to travel and coach their kids.

Among the Freestyle Fargo qualifiers in the Cadet division were Terry Adams(MSF), Dove Bonjean Alpart (Poly Prep), Zacc Romero (BK Tech), and Deshawn Herbert (EWA). The Junior Freestyle Fargo qualifiers were Brandon Nunez (John Bowne), Steven Isaac (MSF), and Lenny Merkin (Poly Prep). Other finalists in the Bantam-Schoolboy category were Michael Adams (MSF), Mitchell Barcus (Eagle), Jack Reusing (EWA), and Michael Diforte (Petrides).

On the Greco Fargo side, qualifiers at the Cadet level included Dove Bonjean Alpart (Poly Prep), David Berkovich (Poly Prep), Zacc Romero (BK Tech), Deshawn Herbert (EWA), Daniel Bogie (Eagle), and Leo Rabinovich (Tottenville). On the Junior level, Brandon Nunez (John Bowne), Dominic Grant (Eagle), SeanPatrick Mcging (Mt. St. Michael), Steven Isaac (MSF), Lenny Merkin (Poly Prep), and Henry Kamornik (BK Tech) qualified for Nationals. Other finalists in the Bantam-Schoolboy level were William Reusing (EWA), Mitchell Barcus (Eagle), Jayden Cardenas (Upper Ten Eyck), Jack Reusing (EWA), and Michael DiForte (Petrides).

“I think they did great,” said Mrs. Adams, the mother of Terry Adams, a 100 lb Cadet. “[Beat the Streets is] giving kids an opportunity to achieve something in life most people are afraid to attempt, and teaching a kid courage and how to accept defeat.”

The Beat the Streets contingent demonstrated a high level of development and growth in their bouts at the tournament. “I think that our kids are learning that they can wrestle on a state and potentially a national level,” said Penn Gottfried, a coach with Beat the Streets. “Because wrestling is an incredibly mental sport, I think that with the building of this type of confidence, the results inevitably follow, and this tournament showed that.  I am excited to continue our Freestyle/Greco season into the summer and Fargo.”


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